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RE: MBTA Orange Line Subway Suspension


Despite its faults and quirks, I love Massachusetts. I am originally from the Greater Boston area, or what I dub in jest as the triple-decker paradise. I have a range of memories, both recent and old, spanning my entire life, from across this area. I emphasize Greater Boston as an important aspect of who I am as an individual today. In fact, I continue to spend much of my time in Massachusetts for a variety of reasons, and arguably more so than New Hampshire, where I reside now. This is why I have become upset with the Commonwealth’s unwillingness to address their increasingly deteriorating and congested infrastructure across the eastern half of the state (save for Boston's Central Artery / Tunnel Project). I can personally attest to this issue, because I use this infrastructure almost daily.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has demonstrated to be as negligent, uncoordinated, incompetent and fiscally reckless as they are (infamously) authoritarian and bureaucratic. If this government is unwilling to act on their obligation to proactively maintain existing road and rail infrastructure, a critical factor behind any prosperous economy, exactly what benefit do they provide taxpayers (victims of their extortionist practices) at this point in time? Judging by their priorities, I believe that any Massachusetts resident with an ounce of self-respect should not subject themselves to the untenable mess that is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and establish a domicile elsewhere, featuring a government more accountable to the people they are supposed to represent. I arrived at this conclusion over five years ago and moved out of Massachusetts principally because of these political concerns, among others (cultural). Seeing what has occurred in Greater Boston as of late infrastructurally, it only reaffirms that the right call was made in forgoing my Massachusetts residency. The Commonwealth, the government in question, is pretty terrible to live under.

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